I enjoy photographing and writing about trips that I have taken.  If I didn't write about them, I would forget many of the details. Readers can also get an idea if that location might be worth a visit.

The first section below contains links to articles that I have written about star parties or notable visits to observing locations.  The second section contains instructional and other articles.

Star Party/Observing Articles
Prairie Skies 2007 Okie-Tex Star Party 2007 Indiana Family Star Party 2007
Winter Star Party 2008 Okie-Tex Star Party 2008

Winter Star Party 2009 Okie-Tex Star Party 2009 A 14.5" f/2.55 goes to Okie-Tex 2009
Winter Star Party 2010 Okie-Tex Star Party 2010

Winter Star Party 2011 Okie-Tex Star Party 2011

Winter Star Party 2012 (No Okie-Tex 2012.  Sad to miss it.) Hidden Hollow 2012
Winter Star Party 2013 NM Astro. Village - April 2013 3RF Astronomy Campus 2013
Rocky Mountain Star Stare 2013 Okie-Tex Star Party 2013 Chiefland Fall Star Party Oct. 2013 Europe - August 2013
Winter Star Party 2014 Okie-Tex Star Party 2014 Chiefland Fall Star Party Nov. 2014 3RF Astr. Campus, NMAV, 2014
Winter Star Party 2015 Okie-Tex Star Party 2015 Chiefland Fall Star Party Nov. 2015 Europe - Jul./Aug. 2015 Part 1, Part 2
Winter Star Party 2016 Okie-Tex Star Party 2016

Winter Star Party 2017 Okie-Tex Star Party 2017 / NMAV
Eclipse 2017

Educational articles, resources, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Mirror Coating Recommendations
How I pack a mirror Mirror Cleaning and Coating Care
Four Lessons in Mirror Testing EIEC Newsletter Article on Lighting, 4/16
A Modern Guide to Mirror Support Adventures in Nightvision (NEW)
Why Aren't My Stars Round? SIPS Instruction Manual (written by me)
Elliptical Flats - My Experiences SIPS Facts (NEW)
Strain Testing Glass SIPS dimensioned diagram
32" f/2.8 SpicaEyes Telescope Paracorr Type 2 Flyer
A Tale of Two 16.5" Telescopes Paracorr Type 2 Instructions

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