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Telescope Making

How I got started in ATM

Optical Equipment

Pitch testerStrain testing setupMirror test standsSpherometers,
Slitless Foucault testersInterference test setup,
Small grinding machineLarge grinding machine

Optical Articles, Tables, etc.

Figuring with a full-size lap
Oblate spheres and how to fix them
A Tale of Four Flats
Testing a 6" x 0.8" quartz blank

Foucault Testing Hall of Shame/Fame
Cassegrain design equations
Mirrors I have made (quite out of date)

TABLE of dimensional conversions
TABLE of Newtonian secondary sizes

Other Articles, Features

Winter Star Party 2008 - A wonderful trip to Florida
Okie-Tex 2007 - The darkest place I've been with a telescope
Prairie Skies 2007 - Beautiful weather and a nice crowd
IFSP 2007 - The Indiana Family Star Party - fun event, great people
IDSSP 2006 - The Illinois Dark Skies Star Party - good skies in IL!
Prairie Skies 2006 - Always a nice event, getting better every year
Astrofest 2005 - an ATM's report and personal opinions
Prairie Skies 2005 - Camp Shaw continues to host a great star party!
Mirror making class: 2003 - 2004 - students hard at work

Dave Moore's Planetary Images - a planetary Cassegrain in action.
My Light Pollution Page - My city wastes too much energy!

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NOTE: These pages were posted before I became a professional optician, and contain information about telescopes and projects I have been involved with, as well as some articles that I have written which may be helpful in your mirror-making projects. The web address under which they were originally hosted has become unavailable to me, so they are now hosted here. I hope you find them useful. Some may be out of date, and for that I apologize.
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