Lockwood Custom Optics

Finished mirrors

LCO produces custom optics to customer specifications up to 60" in diameter.  We take orders for custom mirrors, but when time allows we also try to finish blanks that we have on hand to offer for sale as finished mirrors with lower wait times, often only the time it takes to ship and coat an optic.

The optical sets (primary and secondary) listed below are finished and ready for coating.  Those noted are reserved for a StarStructure telescope, though additional mirrors can be produced for individual sale at normal lead times.
  • 10" f/6.15, 1.75"-thick Pyrex - refigured*                
  • 10" f/5.08, 1.75"-thick Pyrex - refigured                  
  • 16" f/3.75, 1.3"-thick Supr., AND 3.5" m.a. flat -    See below, for StarStructure or separate sale
  • 17.5" f/4.04, 1.15"-thick Pyrex, 3.5" m.a. flat -        Available in a 2018 JPAstrocraft telescope
  • 20.25" f/3.3, 1.35"-thick Quartz, 4.5" m.a. flat   -    See below, for StarStructure
  • 20" f/3.7, 1.60"-thick Pyrex, AND 4.5" m.a. flat
  • 24" f/3.7, 1.75"-thick Pyrex, AND 5.0" m.a. flat 
  • 25" f/3.0, 1.60"-thick Supr., AND 6.0" m.a. flat -    See below, for StarStructure
  • 30" f/3.7, 1.80"-thick Pyrex, AND 5.5" m.a. flat
Mirrors listed here will be sent for coating when sold.  See my FAQ for coating-related and other questions.

Standard sizes for StarStructure

Lockwood Custom Optics provides quality sets of optics to StarStructure Telescopes, and at this time they are LCO's primary structure manufacturer.  LCO has worked with StarStructure to develop improved mirror mounting techniques, and StarStructure has implemented many of their own intelligent innovations throughout the structure.

SST is now producing the innovative Horizon design, either in the standard class (transportable) or observatory class instrument (significantly heavier, not intended to be transported).  These metal telescope structures have taken design and image quality well beyond the "Light Bucket" and the "Dobsonian" into a class of their own.  They are a Modern High-Performance Newtonian.  They hold collimation for the fastest optics, point more accurately than other telescopes on the market, and are not affected by wind of reasonable speeds.

To reduce lead times for these instruments, we have chosen several standard sizes to offer - 16" f/3.75, 20" f/3.3, 24" f/3.3, and 30" f/3.0, all from Supremax glass, along with a few one-of-a-kind blanks that LCO has on hand, and a few very large sizes that are just plain fun to think about!  Maybe one of those large sizes is something that you have always dreamed about - LCO and StarStructure can make it happen, done right.  (LCO and StarStructure can provide custom telescopes of other sizes and f/#s, however lead times may be considerably longer.)

Specifications and prices for the complete optical set, with secondary, coating, and shipping to StarStructure are listed below under "Price (set)".  Pricing for the fully-loaded (drive system, etc.) telescope structure (no optics) is listed separately under "Structure price", and do not include shipping.  Add the two prices for the total telescope price, not including shipping.

The cost of the 16" structure depends on the number sold - contact StarStructure for more information.  Standard size optical sets below are also available for sale on their own.  Contact LCO for more information.

Sizes, Specs, and Pricing for StarStructure Telescopes
Mirror, substrate, # available
Secondary size, material
Price (set)
Structure price
16" f/3.75, Supremax
20 lbs
3.5" m.a., Supremax
  $  5,850
Call StarStructure
20" f/3.3, Quartz
30 lbs.
4.5" m.a., Supremax
20" f/3.3, Supremax
29 lbs.
4.5" m.a., Supremax
  $  9,850
24" f/3.3, Quartz (1)*
47 lbs.
5.5" m.a., Quartz
24" f/3.3, Supremax
47 lbs.
5.5" m.a., Supremax
25" f/3.0, Supremax (1)*
50 lbs.
6.0" m.a., Supremax
$12,680, Options*
30" f/3.0, Supremax
95 lbs.
7.0" m.a., Supremax
34" f/3.3, Quartz (1)*
*150 lbs.
7.0" m.a., Quartz
36" f/3.0, Supremax (1)*
*166 lbs.
8.0" m.a., Supr. or Qtz.
40" f/3.0, Quartz (custom)
*220 lbs.
9.0" m.a., Supr. or Qtz
50" f/3.0, Quartz (custom)
*393 lbs.
~10.5" m.a., Quartz
60" f/3.0, Quartz (custom)
*656 lbs.
~13" m.a., Quartz

We will attempt to keep pricing as current as possible, but PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE due to unforseen changes in material and other costs.  Prices above for larger sizes are good estimates.  If you are serious about a purchase, please request a quote from LCO.

-Number (#) available indicates how much glass is on hand.  A quantity of (1)* indicates that there is only one blank available, and a) no more may be obtainable in the future, or b) the future price may be higher as certain glass runs out and new glass costs more.  Blanks labeled (custom) are purchased as orders are placed, and there should be no issues obtaining material.

-Weight is the approximate weight of the primary mirror only, and Thickness is the thickness of the primary mirror at the edge.  Thinner mirrors cool much faster and perform better.  They also weigh less, of course.  Weights with and asterisk * are estimated, others were obtained by weighing a blank.

-*For the 25" f/3.0, call StarStructure regarding available options such as remote collimation.

LCO still makes custom optics, but longer lead times are required because it is impossible to stock all sizes and focal ratios that a client might want!  See the list of finished mirrors and mirror blanks in stock below for some ideas on your future telescope.  As said above, many optical sets above are available for sale on their own, please contact LCO for details.

Mirrors/mirror sets in process

  • 13" f/3.0, 1.25" thick Pyrex, 3.5" m.a. flat
  • 14.5" f/4.0, 1.25" thick Pyrex, 3.1" m.a. flat
  • 24" f/3.3, set for StarStructure as described above
  • 30" f/3.0, set for StarStructure as described above
Mirrors listed here are at some intermediate stage of work.  See my FAQ for coating-related and other questions, and my Clients page for a list of recommended telescope structure suppliers.

Prices include coating, shipping within the lower 48 states, and precision-scribed center marks.

Mirror blanks in stock

NOTE:  These are mirror blanks, not finished mirrors, and are on hand and ready for grinding.
Under most circumstances I do NOT sell unfinished mirrors/blanks.
  • 14.0" & 14.8", 0.8"-thick QUARTZ - can be generated to any custom focal length, ultra-fast cooling!
  • 16" f/3.3, conical Pyrex - mirror is unperforated (no center hole).
  • 16" f/5.0, 1.40"-thick Pyrex - two in stock, great for a big binocular telescope.
  • 20", 1.25"-thick Pyrex - can be generated to any custom focal length, fast cooling.
  • 20", ~1.75"-thick Pyrex - can be generated to any custom focal length.
  • 22" f/3.3, ~1.5"-thick QUARTZ
  • 24" f/3.3, ~1.5"-thick QUARTZ
  • 32" f/4.0, ~2.0"-thick Supremax
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