October 10, 2014:  Total lunar eclipse

       All text and images Copyright Michael E. Lockwood, all rights reserved.

Here are my favorite lunar eclipse photos from the Oct. 8, 2014 event.  All were taken with a 300mm telephoto and Canon 5D MkIII on a tripod or iOptron Sky Tracker.

The first image below shows the partially eclipsed moon through a bit of dust in the air from the fall harvest.

Eclipsed moon through harvest dust

The next image shows the almost fully eclipsed moon as dawn began to brighten the sky.

Dawn starts to break

Below, the partially eclipsed moon hangs over Tolono, IL, as the sky becomes very bright.

Partially eclipsed moon over Tolono, IL

And finally, the last image shows the barely visible moon over Tolono as the sun rises and a reddish light begins to illuminate silos, etc.

Barely visible moon over Tolono, IL

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