November 22, 2011:  Early Christmas present

Sometimes it's fun when the freight truck pulls up in front of the shop.  I get to go out, fire up the tractor, and unload the crate(s) from the truck.  Then I get to see what's inside.  In most cases, it's no surprise what I find, but in some cases I know what I will find but I still want to see it.

This is one of those cases where I just have to take a look.

This crate showed up recently.  The pink bow was added for the photo.  :)

A present?  Just for me?

What do we have inside?  What could it be?

Contents of the crate

In this case, it was a bunch of quartz that I had sent off for machining.

I had some 9" pieces, a 15.75" disk, some 20" f/3.3 blanks for future Starmaster mirrors, and a 20" f/1.5 machined.

The 20" f/1.5 is for a future Hindle sphere for Cassegrain secondary testing, and is ~2.5" thick at the edge.  The 15.75" is for whoever wants a quartz mirror of that size (1.35" thick).  The 8.9" blanks are for future test optics and Cassegrain secondaries, and whatever else they are needed for.

Lots of quartz

All in all, it was looking a lot like Christmas when this shipment finally arrived.

So, if you're looking for a nice 15.75" quartz mirror, 1.35" thick, your choice of focal ratio, please let me know.

Please check back for future installements of "In the Shop".

Mike Lockwood
Lockwood Custom Optics

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