May 1, 2011:  Way, way, WAY outside the shop.... on another continent!

I can see that I should have named this part of my web site differently, because from time to time I will talk about things that are not in the shop.

Oh well, it's my web site, I can do that.  Titles are merely suggestions.

So, here's a very interesting, well-built instrument that features two 13" f/5, 1.1"-thick Pyrex Lockwood Custom Optics mirrors, and also a couple of elliptical flats that I tested.  Clearly a lot of thought, time, and work went into this fine binocular telescope.

Arie and his 13" binoscope

It was built by Arie Otte, from the Netherlands, and it is the third set of matched primaries that I have made for a binoscope, but it is the first binoscope that one of my clients has actually finished!

So, congratulations to Arie for winning the "First Binoscope with Lockwood Optics" award.

For more information about it, visit his binoscope pages here.

Please check back for future installements of "In the Shop".

Mike Lockwood
Lockwood Custom Optics

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